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  • Solution 1
    Aircraft Sales
    • Buy-sell Trade
    • Total Registration
    • Air-Finance
  • Solution 2
    Aircraft Management
    • Aircraft Design
    • Pilot/Aircrew Programs
    • Fixed Based Operations (FBO)
  • Solution 3
    Smart Aircraft Charters
    • Aircraft Charters
    • Air-business SaaS

Solution 1.

Aircraft Sales

  • Purchase/Sell
  • Registration
  • Fund/Insurance

Selecting the right aircraft is crucial especially at the beginning of the purchasing process. Our aviation experts analyze the aircraft you want to purchase and give you a report to make the right decision. To operate the aircraft, the registration process must be completed after purchase. We will take care of the registration process including tax/legal duties that could be complicated and difficult to an individual. Besides, you can be helped with getting a financial and operating lease (Wet Lease/Dry Lease) by our professional support team. The insurance for the aircraft can also be added upon request. Throughout our tailored consulting, we can ease any trouble that possibly occurred during your purchase process.

Solution 2.

Aircraft Management

  • Aircraft Design
  • Pilot/Aircrew Programs
  • FBO (Fixed Based Operations)

ZETCAB offers the assistance of the aircraft cabin interiors customized to your needs. The design can be tailor-made according to your request to ensure you feel at home. Pilots and crew members who are essential to operating the aircraft must also be serviced and competent. Aircraft staff is directly related to safety, therefore to receive the recommendations from reliable and proven agencies is suggested. In addition to recruitment, you can enjoy cost-saving by using ZETCAB's training program at a reasonable cost. FBO (Fixed Based Operations) will be offered with one-stop service, so you can solve complex and heavy-duty ground operations at once.

* FBO: Aircraft refuel, Aircraft tie-down, Aircraft maintenance, MRO operation and management, Aircraft parts purchase, Discounted aircraft maintenance, Entry and departure report/permits.

Solution 3.

Smart Aircraft Charters

  • Aircraft Design
  • Pilot/Aircrew Programs

ZETCAB creates profits by chartering aircraft owned by individual/corporate/airline operators and provides rental profits through consignment operations. Through the software developed by our web development team, you can conveniently use aviation services and payment services anytime, anywhere in the world. The software can be served independently to any airline business company if it is needed.

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