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ZETCAB’s key solutions for your aircraft business

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Created and operated by aviation experts, ZETCAB has over 20 years of experience to help you own and operate your aircraft more efficiently. You can entrust your aircraft purchase and management to our care in order to save time and effort. We handle all administrative functions including recruitment, salary, tax, health care, and education for pilots and aircrews. As a result, aircraft owners can save up to 50% of their maintenance costs and reduce their workload. Besides, it is possible to maximize operating profits from chartering flights or entering aviation-related business (aircraft operation fund as part of the purchasing process/repair/training/refueling/insurance, etc.).

If you wish to own an aircraft become a ZETCAB partner and a member of fund

The funds have organized to attract investment to individuals or companies that want to own a business jet but cannot purchase it due to high maintenance costs. Investors join the fund options below that are created jointly by ZETCAB and a securities company to acquire leases to airlines. Owners possess the aircraft and lease it to the airlines affiliated with ZETCAB. It is a fund that gains investment profit by joining a stable fund in a way that receives it and membership services of ZETCAB at the same time.

  • Option 1
    Personal purchase
    (Cash/Installment plan)
    An ownership program with ZETCAB
  • Option 2
    GROUP FUND (less than 10)
    Group purchase of an aircraft & Consign
    management by ZETCAB
    (Receive operating margins)
  • Option 3
    Securitization Fund
    Purchase by a property asset management &
    Consign management management by ZETCAB
    (Create Operating margins)

The membership benefits are equally applicable to all the fund options although each fund defines the way of ownership differently.

ZETCAB, our Core Values

  • Integrity
    ZETCAB believes ‘Integrity’ must be fundamental principle to succeed in both customer service and corporate partnerships
  • Innovation
    To arrange a flight for our valued clients, safety and security are the most important. We shall make sure not only pleasure journey but passenger’s safety and personal information security.
  • Accountability
    Jet industry has been developing and it is continuously building enormous business. Our team shall be innovative to keep in line with new era in both aviation and IT Industry.
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CEO : Kim Ik Soo
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