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Limitation of Liability
For international flights, you may be required prepare and submit certain documents for entry such as visa and it is your responsibility to verify and prepare such required documents. All aircrafts are provided, operated and maintained by 3rd parties and ZETCAB is not responsible for any damage, loss, expense, defect, and negligence caused by the aircraft provider. It is responsibility of aircraft provider to maintain liable insurance coverage. We are not responsible for any claims arising in connection to the services of aircraft providers and their subsidiaries. Additional expenses such as telecommunication, internet, excess luggage charge, etc. may be incurred during the flight as you request. All of such expenses not included on the package are subject to additional payment which is separated from the reservation fee, and you may be asked for such payment during the flight or after the flight depending on the policy of the aircraft providers. For details of these additional expenses, please refer to the aircraft providers. Missed flights or no-shows are considered as cancellation and in such cases, reservation fees are not subject for refund and you will be required to pay penalty fees required by the aircraft provider. Penalty amount will depend on the terms, flight schedules, aircraft model, and other conditions provided by the aircraft provider. This policy is subject to change from time to time and will be updated. We recommend that you visit this page often and check for any changes to see if you are satisfied with them. Continuing use of services after posting of new or amended policy constitutes mutual agreement to the new policy.