Departure / Arrival Selection




  • On-Board Facilities Here at ZETCAB we offer our customers a wide range of on-board services. You can choose for our full range of in-flight facilities. We provide everything from DVDs, Satellite phones, WIFI and high speed internet access to full sized rooms and much more are available to choose from. We have a simple and straightforward process, which put the power in your hands. All you have to do is select your desired options according to your travel needs. The choice is yours!

  • Private Catering & Parties There are no limitations when it comes to ZETCAB’s in-flight catering options.Do you want to celebrate a birthday up in the sky? Or propose to that special someone? We can prepare gourmet cakes or bottles of champagne for special occasions like a birthday party, a honeymoon or a proposal. There truly is nothing like spending those magical moments with your dear ones up above the clouds!

  • Luxury Travel Here at ZETCAB we provide a five-star travel experience that stands above your regular in-flight services offered on-board ordinary planes. We strive to provide the highest quality liquors and other refreshments on-board to suit your needs and desires. Flying with ZETCAB is a luxurious experience from the moment your step into our plane until you reach on your destination. This is not a boring regular flight!

In-flight foods

  • Be pampered with a five-star hotel dining experience up in the sky that is deserving of your luxury trip. Please choose your departure point and you will see a wide range of available in-flight meals available for you to choose from. *In-flight food may vary depending on the departure point.